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Cisco Anyconnect License Agreement

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4.1 Plus licenses (term from 12 to 60 months or indefinitely) These Terms of Sale and the Software License Agreement govern (by constitution or by reference) purchases of products and services made pursuant to a letter or other specific agreement. These terms are also appended to the Internet Commerce Agreement, which all Cisco customers worldwide must accept before placing orders online. One. For many years, we have been taking into account the feedback of customers who want a simplified licensing model. In doing so, the new licensing model eliminates all the complexity of add-on licenses while allowing for the coexistence of license types. The new model provides a common license for all options, without the need for hardware to enforce licenses, and eliminates the need to purchase AnyConnect licenses through ASA (HW Migration Support). In addition, the new model has integrated pandemic support. Please note that all temporary licenses include software support and authorization, so purchasing these licenses always allows you to access current versions of the software. A. Cisco offers 4-week Apex trial licenses that contain all Plus license features.

To obtain an evaluation license, please see: www.cisco.com/go/license. Select: Obtain additional licenses -> demo and evaluation -> security products -> AnyConnect Plus/Apex Demo License (ASA). Please note that the license unlocked ASA functions, but does not allow access to anyConnect Windows/Mac OS X/Linux software. Mobile versions of AnyConnect can be used using the App Store for the respective operating system and tested in combination with a trial license. You must select an ASA serial number that currently has the license you want to share and the additional serial number. This serial number MUST match the number displayed under “View Version” for this license to work. Before we dive in, we need to clarify what Software Application Support (SAS) and Software Application Support plus Upgrade (SASU) are, as they are necessary for AnyConnect licenses: at the end of this process, you will receive by email an activation code and instructions to complete the sharing process. You must repeat this process for each additional ASA serial number with which you want to share the license. One. You get a multi-product activation key per acquired Plus or Apex license. This multi-product activation key is enabled for www.cisco.com/go/license on each ASA.

Once the key is activated, the ASA is unlocked for its maximum hardware capacity. Compliance with the number of users and execution limitations is a system of honor and is not physically imposed by the ASA or AnyConnect. If you purchase more than one Apex license or one Plus and Apex license, we ask that you register each PAH with each ASA, although this does not change the resulting license key generated for the ASA. The goal is to make sure that if you open a support case in the future, you have a record of your license purchase. . . .