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Crossover Agreement

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The new directive ensures that you are fully informed of the criteria for a national crossover before you apply. It also considers the importance of preserving the character of the borough, improving air quality and water drainage by encouraging residents to incorporate flexible landscaping into the layout of their surroundings, and ensuring that crossings do not increase the risk and effects of flooding due to non-permeable entrances. If your application is successful, a legal agreement will be reached between you and the Council and an offer for the work will be submitted. The offer of work depends on several factors, such as the average cost of a vehicle cross of £2700, but can vary between £500 and £16,000, depending on a number of factors, including the building materials needed and changes to traffic management controls. Before a cost offer can be made, an engineering inspection must be carried out, calculated at £309.90. A highway agent performs a location assessment to verify the suitability of the location and, if approved, a crossover vehicle package will be sent to you. If the contractor`s license is approved, it is issued and construction can begin. The licensee must then issue you a copy of the licence which you must keep as proof of the authorization to construct the intersection. This may be necessary if you want to sell the property.

Your local highway agent arrives at the proposed location and conducts an assessment. The location of the proposed crossover is indicated, unless we can accept the request for some reason. We will do so within 20 business days of receiving your application. We will guide you through the next steps. If you have already agreed on the vehicle markings with us and request the change of markings at a later date (after full payment of the application), a fee of £116 must be paid. You also have to pay your contractor to do the work on your crossover. To apply, please download the Vehicle Cross Application Form (PDF 183KB). To request a white cross-marking, download the file and fill it in from your supplier to apply for a license to build the crossover.

They must also look for underground utility equipment and negotiate with them whether they should be moved or protected. Their crossover application may be rejected for a number of reasons, including site-specific concerns. Surrey County Council has a formal purchasing process that sets out our list of contractors who can carry out curb (intersection) work for The people of Surrey.