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Design Responsibility Agreements

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The circumstances of the case are regrettable, as the published international standard contained a major error that was only discovered as a result of the MTH case – in fact, the international design standard was revised a posteriori as a result of the case. Compliance with applicable laws. The Contractor shall reasonably ensure that the Services and Works are performed and that the Project is constructed in a manner that complies with the requirements of all applicable laws relating to the planning, construction, occupancy and operation of the Project, including, but not limited to, construction rules, safety and fire rules and environmental legislation. These applicable laws are considered minimum standards for the project. The Contractor shall immediately inform the Owner`s representative in writing of any known infringement of the architect or subcontractor with the legislation in force or of such an infringement of which the Holder should reasonably have been informed. Should a subcontractor who has absolutely no control over a volume of work be responsible for the proper execution of that work? It seems like it`s child`s play for the answer to be no. For example, an electrical installer would not guarantee the good performance of a roof; a mason contractor would also not guarantee the functionality of an HLK system; and for good reason – this work is out of their expertise and they would usually have no control over their performance….