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Interim Agreement Israel Palestine

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Negotiations on the remaining sustainable status would begin no later than May 1996 (two years after the signing of the agreement between Gaza and Jericho); Oslo I, Article V) and before May 1999 (end of a five-year transitional period). A peace treaty would end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In May 1999, the five-year transition period ended without a comprehensive peace agreement, but elements of the Oslo agreement remained. The Interim Palestinian Authority has become permanent and a dominant factor in the PLO. The West Bank has remained divided into zones A, B and C. that cover about 60% of the West Bank and are exclusively under Israel`s military and civilian control. Less than 1% of the area C is intended for use by Palestinians who, due to Israeli restrictions, also cannot build in their own existing villages in Area C. [15] The Israeli Civil Administration, part of a larger unit known to be the coordinator of government activities in the territories (COGAT), which is a unit within israel`s Ministry of Defense. , is still in full development. The Joint Committee on The Water of Israeli-Palestinian Lands is still in place. Issues relating to the final status – including the rights of Palestinian refugees, sovereignty over East Jerusalem and the fate of the remaining settlements – would be postponed to a separate negotiating process, which would be convened after the ceasefire agreement.

However, for most of these key issues, temporary arrangements would be inevitable: in addition to the transfer of some Arab suburbs from East Jerusalem to the Palestinian state, negotiators could consider an interim agreement allowing the Palestinian Authority to assist in the management of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sacred Basin. In addition, they could create joint municipal committees to address the concerns of the city`s Arab population and elect a deputy Arab mayor for the city`s Palestinian neighborhoods. The exclusion of Jerusalem and settlements from the territories to be transferred to the Palestinians would not alter the Israeli presence, including the army, to protect them, without a negotiated agreement.