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Nzei Principals Collective Agreement

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While this response is significant, it is not certain that it constitutes the majority opinion of all primary and intermediate principles, given that there are 2000, most of which are members of the NZEI Te Riu Roa. If you want a printed copy of this agreement, we advise you to download the following PDF version. Rush said that if a new union were created, it would create a situation similar to that of the secondary education sector, where headteachers would be represented by two organizations – the Secondary Directors Union and the Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA). Some principals have also talked about your colleagues leaving the labour market and taking on other tasks, because long-standing workload issues are not addressed. Since then, headteachers have worked three times alongside primary school teachers. The president of the Training Institute, Liam Rutherford, sent an email to its members saying that the main association`s plan “directly threatens” the union`s unity and asked them to discuss it with principals. The union asked its members to stay at the NZEI and warned that a new organization would “cut off” its collective strength. We wonder how support officers, who have been poorly paid and undervalued for years and often exposed to questionable employment practices, could encourage clients to question their focus on their subjects. The new offer has given the New Zealand Training Institute (NZEI) Te Riu Roa parity with their high school principals of similar size. Probably, since contractors pay higher union fees than their lower-paid colleagues, the union would get hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket each year if most of them went to the representation elsewhere. “The headteachers have given their support to the teachers, who have come out of collective bargaining very well.

The heads of schools have gone on strike several times for their commercial terms and there is a broad consensus among the main principles that the union did not enter into these negotiations with the energy they hoped for,” he said. Of course, this regulation does not address all the problems we face as contractors, and the work will now begin seriously with the ministry and the PPTA Wehengarua, in order to move forward in the agreement that is part of the terms of the regulation. “The possibility of a bespoke primary union is on the table, we are curious to know what the union`s response will be,” he said. The offer did not include limited additional release time for principals with fewer than 100 students who had previously been offered. Teachers and other school leaders began holding paid union meetings in June to discuss upcoming collective bargaining projects. The government presented the new details of the contract last week and asked sponsors to cancel the threat of further strikes. A bespoke union of contractors would have the advantage of eliminating the difficulties that arise when an organization tries to effectively represent management and workers, as NZEI Te Riu Roa does.