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Performing Artist Contract Agreement

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Different forms of art have also been the main source of income for some. Some people spend their entire careers perfecting their visual arts style. Others produce perfectly synchronized music and dance movements that capture a literary piece by another artist. Networking efforts and achievements increases the need for artists` agreements. In order to protect both parties who wish to work together, artist agreements maintain the identity of each artist when demonstrating their skills with institutions and other artists. This contract (the “agreement”) is drawn up that day by – between the operator (operator) and _________das “band” for the recruitment of band as an independent contractor for the performance (the “Show”) for the operator on – Apart from the detail of the responsibilities of all stakeholders, a certain period of time is also essential. The objective is to ensure that the parties` responsibility to the parties is limited. It sets a date for delivery or execution of the service to ensure that the partnership succeeds. Both parties should be aware of the deadlines for submitting designs, music scores, edited video files or anything else that is needed. It is important that the parties involved agree on the dates, as they have a significant influence on the entire partnership.

3. Payment. The compensation for the show is $, payable per ______________payable by cash check, cash, etc. everything you like (together, the fairy). At the signing of this contract, a 50% down payment is due. This is a necessary condition for the continuation of the treaty; If there is no 50% down payment in fees when the contract is signed, no other obligation is due for any of the parties. The remaining 50% of the tax is due just before the band show, but can be done earlier. The litigation resulted in further cooperation that led to the operation of the Hope merchandise.