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Rights Of Unregistered Lease Agreement

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1. The deed of rental had to be declared compulsorily if the duration is 4 years, otherwise you will not have the protection of the rent control law. For the second exception, “security transaction” means any object other than the purpose for which a registered document is used. [8] For example, an unregistsed rental deed can be used to determine the purpose of the lease (commercial or residential), the relationship between the parties, the date of taking possession of the property, but not to prove the terms of the rental agreement such as duration, right to subletting, etc. The courts have also held that, if a document is inadmissible as evidence for lack of registration, none of its concepts can be accepted as evidence and that the use of such a document to prove an important clause would not use it as an ancillary object. As stated above, the parties cannot rely on the contractual conditions indicated in an unreg registered rental deed for a period of more than one year, since the rental deed is not valid. But there is one exception, an arbitration clause. In SMS Tea Estates Private Limited vs. Chandmari Tea Company Private Limited (2011) 14 SCC 66), the Supreme Court had held that the arbitration agreement in the rental deed was a subsidiary provision for the settlement of disputes and independently of the other terms of the contract. It also found that the arbitration clause had no connection with the transaction relating to the fixed assets contained therein and that, therefore, even if the instrument were challenged as invalid or unenforceable, the arbitration agreement would not be affected for the purposes of settling disputes arising from the act. However, if the lease lasts 4 years and the owner is not willing to renew it, he cannot be forced to extend until a lock-up period is in service.

In fact, an unreg registered rental deed is legally invalid and not admissible proof, so it is not a favorable situation for the tenant/tenant. However, if you agree to pay stamp duty and convey to the court your willingness to do so, you can pay the same to make the deed a valid certificate. “…… the deed of rental ex. P1 of 19 May 1978, both executed by an unregistsed deed of rental, have an age of weight? what are the possible interventions in the judgment of the High Court. We can see that this was the case of the defendant before the High Court, that he was protected by the provisions of the law and that he could not be evacuated solely because, in accordance with the agreement, the lease was to be occupied by one of his officials. . .