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Seat Agreement Meaning

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In a enforcement proceeding of a $6.6 billion arbitration award against the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Nigeria), which was rejected on the grounds that arbitration had not been discussed in England, the court found that a reference to “Venus” in an arbitration agreement concerned the seat of the court. Nigeria also argued that execution should be refused on public policy grounds because of the allegedly excessive amount. This decision was rejected, with the Tribunal reaffirming the strong public policy in favour of law enforcement: Process – Industrial Developments Ltd/Nigeria [2019] EWHC 2241 (Comm). It should also be noted that the Kabab-Ji SAL/Kout Food Group has refused to suspend the English recognition procedure, while a nullity procedure is under way at the Paris Court of Appeal. This decision creates the necessary conditions for potentially contradictory and inconsistent judgments in England, Wales and France. English and New York law are often chosen to regulate international treaties. However, the parties will not always want their differences to be heard. Parties to international trade are increasingly turning to conflict centres such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. This can lead to editorial issues, especially when parties have chosen arbitration as a contentious forum. Most jurisdictions treat the arbitration agreement as separable from the underlying contract. As a doctrine of separation, this means that the arbitration clause remains effective even if the underlying contract is declared void.

However, this may also lead to the existing legislation of the arbitration agreement differing from that of the underlying contract. This is generally not an issue for which the existing legislation and headquarters are the same (treaty governed by Singapore law and arbitration in Singapore). Both are subject to the treaty`s current legislation. What if they`re not the same? In the absence of an explicit choice for the prevailing arbitration agreement – the right of the seat or the right of the underlying contract? The High Court of Singapore has recently had to deal with this issue. This decision, which departs from the position previously adopted in Singapore, underlines the importance of the creation of the right of the arbitration agreement if the seat and the law of the underlying contract are not identical. Headquarters is a key factor in any arbitration process. It provides a “home” for arbitration, determines the law that governs the relationship between the court and the courts, and also determines the court responsible for arbitration (including giving them the power to set aside a sentence). The seat also determines where the award was awarded, which is important to try to get the award. The question of the seat of the court arose in the context of an enforcement procedure.