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Security Interest Agreement Jersey

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Clarification of the level of control conferred on the licensor With respect to the former law, some doubts were raised as to whether the licensor`s right to manage the guarantees could affect the validity of the guarantee. The SIJL specifies that the licensor may retain the right to manage the guarantees without prejudice to the validity of the guarantee. Extensive enforcement powers Under the old law, the enforcement rights of a secured party were limited to a power of sale. The SIJL allows appropriation and registration letters and specifies that the insured party may take further ancillary measures to support enforcement. Cancellation of the additional legal period of 14 days in the event of enforcementThe old law provided that, if the case of delay complained of is “capable of remedying”, the fattening of sales can only be exercised after the expiry of a period of fourteen days from the notification of termination to the concessionaire. The SIJL allows the exclusion of this period, in agreement with the licensor, although it is necessary to verify the interests of third parties in the register of security interests and to confirm that no communication on these interests has been received directly. (i) a declaration of financing relating to the interest of the guarantee has been registered at least 21 days before the appropriation or sale, and the SIJL is setting up a new centralised online register accessible to the publicThe registration will be an integrative step towards perfection if security is ensured by the security rights described in the safeguard agreement (and not by possession or control). Searching the registry becomes relevant for new lenders. There is an important difference in the registration regime, in which the licensor is the agent of a private trust. (vii) all or all right, title and interest of a person in and to an intangible asset (whether or not such intangible movable asset is located) is held in trust and the applicable law of such a trust is that of Jersey, (3) The declarant shall, before making a decision, make a decision; he or she is satisfied, in accordance with paragraph 2, to take appropriate measures to notify the person referred to in the registration as a secured party (in the case of security interest) or assignment (in the case of an assignment of a receivable) a notification in order to demonstrate, within thirty days from the date on which those steps are completed, that the data is not frivolous or malfeasant. 47 Termination of subordinated guarantees in the event of usurpation or sale. 32 (b) the interest of the guarantee was still in place just before the negotiable instrument or the security of investments was made available to the licensor; and 5. An insured party controls a means of investment guarantee (an investment guarantee that is represented by a certificate and is not bearer guarantee) if it is registered with the issuer of the transferable security as the holder of the transferable security or if it is in possession of the certificate.

(c) the guarantees described in the registration include an object or type of property that is not a guarantee under the relevant cover agreement; 2. An agreement to make one interest in security subject to another interest shall be valid between the Contracting Parties under its conditions. . . .