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Stamp Paper Value For Rent Agreement In Maharashtra

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Each state in India has its own unique scale to collect stamp taxes, and we have made the computer available to our users to allow them to calculate the stamp duty on holidays and the licensing agreement for the state of Maharashtra. Go to the e-filing site (efilingigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ereg/). the creation of bonds, rights or interest and the monetary value 3. In the case of the merger/reconstruction of companies, the market value of the shares of the transferred company is the value of the shares on the stock exchange on the date “ordered” in the plan or, otherwise, the date of the court order. If the shares are not listed or unlisted, market value refers to the value of the shares to the ceding company or the value determined by the collector. 2.1 It is very important to note that stamp duty is on an instrument and not on a transaction. However, for Maharashtra, the law has been strengthened and, in accordance with section 55 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999, any lease or leave and licence agreement must be written and the same must be registered in a mandatory manner, regardless of the length of the lease. To register the contract, you will need some basic documents from the tenant, landlord and witnesses, such as a passport-sized photo. B, a photocopy of proof of identity (for example. B PAN card) and the electricity bill or real estate document such as index II or receipt of taxes from the property that is rented.

Is it necessary to obtain registered rental-deed rentals for the residential apartment in Calcutta. What will be the stamp duty? What is the value of the stamp paper on which it should be made? Anyone who, by law or with the permission of the party, gets evidence, and anyone for? the public office before which each instrument accused of stamp duty is produced or enters into the performance of its duties. If it seems to him that this instrument is not properly stamped, he confiscates the same thing, that the instrument is not legally valid. This accumulated document must be forwarded to the stamp collector for the collection of the deficit tax, in addition to a penalty of 4% per month. 500 – 0.5% of the order value greater than 10 lakhs. The maximum fee is 25 lakhs if the contract value does not exceed the TDS provisions relating to rent paid under income tax legislation. The Maharashtra (Bombay) Stamp Act, 1958 came into force on 16 February 1959 and is applicable in the state of Maharashtra. The purpose of this law is to levy stamp duty on certain types of documents exported to the state or transferred from outside to meet them in the state.

The various instruments/documents are, on the whole, covered by Article 62 of The Calendar-I Annex. The rates for which stamp duty is levied on these documents are indicated in Schedule I of The Maharashtra (Bombay) Stamp Act, levies stamp duty on documents/instruments by which a right or liability is created, transferred, restricted, extended, erased or registered. Stamp duty must be paid on the instrument and not on transactions. Q31. Will a penalty be imposed in cases that are referred by the sub-chancellor to the collector in order to determine the actual market value of the property if the collector concludes that the true market value of the property was not indicated in the deed? Stamp duty depends on the length of time and the government value of the property. Deducted from the reduced duration of the percentage of the market value of the property. Zb. If the duration of the rental is up to 5 years, stamp duty is levied on 10% of the public value of the property.