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Team Working Agreement Agile

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Working agreements, also known as team standards, are guidelines developed by teams on how they should work together to create a positive productive process. There are usually two kinds of results from the discussion of the current labor agreement during a retro: The ScrumMaster is the custodian of employment contracts, but the whole team has a responsibility to question if someone breaks the agreement. As the work agreements have been agreed by the team, the perception of personal attacks and confrontations is eliminated. In the spirit of transparency and continuous improvement, team members should review employment contracts from time to time and ask, “Should they be updated?” Once the team has voted, check all the new standards. Anything with every thumb in the air immediately becomes a new standard. Anything neutral should be discussed further. Once the team lines up (including reformulation), it becomes the norm. Any standard containing an inch down should be discussed and decide whether it should be rejected or revised to work with the team. Teamwork is such a fundamental part of human experience that one would think that after 200,000 years of human evolution, it would be discovered. Unfortunately, the secret formula for creating large, agile teams always eludes us, and it probably always will, because teams are made up of people – and people are complex and dynamic. From my own experience, I have discovered that one of the most effective ways for teams to achieve their goals, regardless of the circumstances, if I give the team autonomy in developing policies that allow them to self-manage. It is then the manager`s responsibility to communicate clear deadlines and objectives and to verify that they are being met. The team should decide which events it will include in its sprint or iteration.

Scrum teams want sprint planning and retrospective on certain days. The daily appointment should be scheduled with a time that works for all. Work agreements are one of the main elements that all good Agile teams need and use. For those of you who are not familiar with work agreements, they are nothing but agreed protocols established by the team to regulate their interactions and clarify expectations. They are different from the basic rules, which are more about compliance with the guidelines, but some of the basic rules are in line with what I call labour agreements.