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Uwa Staff Agreement

In Uncategorized on December 19, 2020 at 10:59 pm

Many UWA executive staff, responsible for the design and implementation of the renewal plan, have left their positions at the university. Professor Paul Johnson (Vice-Chancellor), Sandra Ventre (Director of Human Resources), Paula Langley (Director of Acting Director of Human Resources), Pranay Lodhiya (Director General of Corporate Services) and Michael Chaney (Chancellor) are all gone. Shortly after the NTEU filed the occasional wage dispute, it was announced that Vice-Chancellor Dawn Freshwater would continue to leave UWA next year to take the reins of the University of Auckland. After noting that these sub-payments were expressed by the UWA Advisory Committee, the members of the NTEU, previously referred to as “tutorials” in the unit`s stamps, were transformed into “Other Academic Activities Required” during the second semester. At the same time as the NTEU was trying to run a campaign and a dispute on this issue, the then Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Johnson, announced the “renewal plan” and his intention to radically restructure faculties, service systems and his intention to lay off 300 people. NTEU members who oppose VAAs are concerned that treaty change will not save jobs, but show management that workers are simple goals. They produced a video that advertises the “no” case. The NTEU University of Western Australia (UWA) branch recently filed a formal dispute with the university`s management to reverse the deluge of systemic deterioration in wages and conditions of UWA casual staff. The dispute was launched on the basis of a “Student Working Conditions” campaign that combined the efforts of staff and students to improve teaching and learning standards by improving the employment conditions of casual workers. The proposed amendment provides for a two-week COVID-19 leave paid for all workers and guarantees income-related assistance for any permanent employee who has resigned due to the effects of COVID-19 (public university staff have been excluded from the federal government`s jobkeeper system). In addition, a six-month increase will be imposed in January 2021 and the payment of the annual vacation expense to employees will be cancelled this year.