5 Reason Why Eva Longoria Rocks

By Kamren Curiel

We all know Eva Longoria shines in front of the camera, but the flawless beauty who rose to fame playing sly adulteress Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives, is more than just a famous face. Longoria’s committed to empowering the Latino community and succeeded at enfranchising millions to vote. We can’t wait to see her school America as a panelist alongside N.J. mayor Cory Booker and USA Today reporter Jackie Kucinich on HBO’s politcally-charged talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. Here’s why she’ll rock:

1. She was cochair of Obama’s Latino Inaugural Ball at the Kennedy Center and Obama’s reelection campaign. According to political columnist and The Wise Latina Club founder, Viviana Hurtado, Longoria “shined brightest among a constellation of stars,” which included Wilmer Valderrama, Prince Royce, and Rita Moreno. After Desperate Housewives successful eight-season run, Longoria took on a new challenge speaking across the country and fundraising for Obama’s 2012 campaign. “When they asked me to officially be a chochair, it was not just to put my face on something,” she told Latina in her Nov. 2012 cover story. “My mission is to educate the public on Obama’s record, specifically with two communities that pertain to me: women and Latinos.”

2. As the highest-paid TV actress in 2011, she uses her celebrity appeal and money to produce programming for and by Latinos. As executive producer of Shine Global Inc.’s documentary The Harvest, Longoria helped raise awareness about the 500,000 child migrant farm workers in the U.S. Her production company UnbeliEVAble Entertainment is releasing two highly anticipated TV shows, NBC’s Ready for Love (Mar. 31) and Lifetime’s upcoming Devious Maids.

3. She’s a philanthropist who’s devoted to helping the homeless, young Latinas in need of scholarships, and women get small business loans. She started Eva’s Heroes in 2006 to help developmentally disabled children and is the national spokesperson for PADRES Contra El Cancer. She promotes positive roles for Latinos in music, television, and film as host of NCLR’s Alma Awards for six years in a row.

4. She’s a firm believer in education and is currently pursuing a master’s in Chicano Studies at Cal State University Northridge. “Education makes me feel powerful,” she told Latina. “Saber es poder.”

5. Her power as a national political player has just begun. Next Monday, KCET will air Longoria’s conversation with Supreme Court Justice and My Beloved World best-selling author Sonia Sotomayor.

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Effective Network Security Advice

Effective network security helps protect organizational assets against multiple external and internal threats.
The primary goal of security is to protect against unauthorized access and unauthorized actions. The primary goal of network security is to protect against unauthorized access, the ability of the network to deliver information to and from a network, and the ability of networks to provide services to users.

Network Security in the Enterprise
Network security and network traffic can be considered the equivalent of an organizational firewall to protect an organization against attacks on its own networks. To implement effective network security, an organization must employ a combination of techniques, some of which are designed to defend against attacks against its own internal networks and others designed to protect against attacks directed against the organization’s external networks. As a network administrator, you should be familiar with the various types of network security that exist. Security Policy and Management Security policies, which include network policies, secure boot, IP address assignments and firewalls, are part of a larger security strategy that should be used to implement the basic security policies that must be in place. In the enterprise, you’ll probably need to consider all of the following security controls: Endpoint security network devices, such as routers, switch hubs, computers, etc. must be secured in such a way that they are used only to perform network functions, not to launch unauthorized or malicious network attacks and the use of security services like SD-WAN can help protecting networks, you can read more about this here. VPN In enterprise networks, there are a lot of VPNs that are used to enable remote access to computers and other network assets. They usually require multiple layers of encryption, authentication and security, so that unauthorized users are detected. These VPNs are also highly secured to block unauthorized users from accessing sensitive or sensitive data.

This section of the document lists all the most common VPNs available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, as well as some specific options to choose from. If you have a specific need for one, the VPN documentation can help you to understand what the pros and cons are of different VPNs.

How To Configure an OpenVPN Server in Windows

When it comes to choosing a VPN to use on your PC, there are a few things you should consider when it comes to how to configure OpenVPN. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to use OpenVPN on your Windows machine: Windows only: If you want to use OpenVPN on your Windows machine and you do not have OpenVPN installed, you will need to install the OpenVPN Client software. The client is a very basic tool for managing OpenVPN servers and tunnels, however it is necessary. OpenVPN does not work properly on Windows machines if the client is not installed. You can find the latest version of the client at:

(If you don’t know what a “client” is, it is a piece of software that is used to download and install OpenVPN on a machine. ) Linux only: If you want to use OpenVPN on your Linux machine, you must compile OpenVPN from source. The OpenVPN source code is available at: This process should take about an hour, and the output will be written to a file named openvpn.  Make sure to take time to read the README file that is generated. This README file explains the most common problems with compiling OpenVPN from source. Please remember that your OpenVPN installation directory must have writable permissions to protect your network.

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Cannabis and CBD Oil

Studies find CBD helpful in reducing various psychiatric and medical symptoms like anxiety, insomnia and pain in patients suffering from chronic pain.

For people suffering from chronic pain and other sufferings using CBD is really helpful for this according to studies.
The primary plant Cannabis sativa is also known as cannabis indica and the plant’s native domains is Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. Learn more by checking out this delta 8 tincture by fresh bros review
Cannabis is found in many different locations in our planet and contains different genetic pathways.
Its uses are quite varied but the main one for today’s sources is to assist in relieving chronic stress and fatigue.
The use of CBD oil has been found to reduce pain through the modulation of neurotransmitters, enhancing the efficiency of various post life functions, allowing for better overall performance and improves quality of life.
Can you imagine taking CBD oil, which has been found to reduce pain in patients suffering from chronic pain, which was clearly proven to be detrimental to their quality of life.
Do you feel anxious and depressed about living a normal life without pain relief?
The use of narcotics as a means of treatment is not effective for the majority of people.
We need more effective ways of treating narcotics. CBD oil would bring an increase in the use of this type of medication as it has been proved to be a pain killer, with people also using other products like hemp seed oil, you can get online. Click here for more information.
Do you know that CBD oil helps be more effective in getting rid of chronic pain?
We know that CBD oil is a natural molecule that has the ability to eliminate pain effectively.
The use of CBD oil is still quite controversial due to the fact that many pharmaceutical companies are already not using CBD oil as they would be wasting the ingredients which comprise this plant.
This leaves the use of CBD oil being restricted to low price brands in India or to dispensaries in countries like Canada or Europe.
However, with proper research about cannabis, the benefits of CBD oil would be proved to many people.
CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant’s seed. It helps in treating various illnesses through several methods.
It allows the patient to get rid of their illnesses.
Many medicinal plants have also been used for the treatment of chronic pain, arthritis and migraine.
The use of CBD oil is not something new and it was found very useful during the previous ages.
CBD oil is not only useful as a pain killer but also useful for preventing fatigue and depression.
Our physicians suggest CBD oil as an effective tool to combat chronic pain and fatigue.
Although CBD is difficult to obtain in India, a lot of patients there are finding out about CBD oil for the treatment of chronic pain and fatigue.

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